�These CDs are excellent and would be a wonderful gift to vets who attend our healing retreats.� -Paula Griffin, program manager, www.soldiersheart.net

The V.A. PTSD project has said they will consider conducting a controlled study based on the CDs if funding is found. The non-profit Earth Harmony Foundation can accept tax deductible donations for the project.

Please consider helping to fund a project to make the stress release CDs available to vets.  Submit inquiries to Kathleen at: DrKathleen90077@gmail.com.

Kathleen Rosenblatt PhD, OMD

Beverly Glen Canyon

Bel Air Office

Cedars-Sinai Office

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8631 West Third Street

Los Angeles, Ca. 90048

Tel/fax 310-470-4557

Cell 310-720-9616.


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