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Kathleen Rosenblatt PhD, OMD

Kathleen Rosenblatt and her husband, Steven Rosenblatt M.D. PhD. were the very first acupuncture pioneers in the U.S., arranging lectures at UCLA in 1971. They started the first acupuncture clinic in the country at UCLA in 1973, after studies in Chinatown and in Hong Kong.

Steven launched licensing in the first five states and started the first schools--in Boston, L.A, San Diego and Tel Aviv. Kathleen was the first acupuncturist in Santa Barbara and held classes at Cottage Hospital and S B City College.  Kathleen practiced acupuncture in Bath, England and in the West Indies for four years. She has lectured on acupuncture in Spanish on television and lectured on metaphysics in French in Paris and Quebec.

Steven earned the first doctoral thesis ever on Acupuncture in 1978 and demonstrated its effects on brain waves, a study which is still referenced today. It showed how certain energizing points could stimulate Beta waves, and other sedating points could induce relaxed Alpha waves. Research has continued to support this and many other effects of acupuncture on the mind and emotions.

Kathleen was educated by Franciscans and Jesuits, studied at Quito Equador, spent a year at the Sorbonne in Paris, France, graduated Magna cum Laude and earned an NDEA scholarship to the University of Connecticut. Her studies of traditional cultures and religions have influenced her science & art of healing. Her doctoral thesis in Comparative Literature became a book, Rene Daumal: The Live & Work of a Mystique Guide, published in Paris in 1992 and by SUNY Press in 1999. This effort took two decades and exposed her to many ancient forms of healing knowledge. She studied with curanderas in Mexico and with Carlos Castaneda extensively in the 1980s.

Kathleen has had solo exhibits of her paintings in Mexico, England, Martinique, and Grenada, West Indies. She is also a musician whose piano music appears on the CD.

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