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In her acupuncture practice at Cedars-Sinai, and through Iraq and the Los Angeles Veterans Acupuncture Clinic for PTSD, Kathleen has helped many Veterans with post traumatic stress disorder.  In addition to her work with veterans she uses her diagnostic skills and extensive acupuncture experience to treat civilians for a wide variety of ailments. Kathleen specializes in treating depression and anxiety, along with internal disorders and inflammatory conditions. In addition to treating specific symptoms,  Kathleen enhances the overall health and well-being of her patients by using her skills as an acupuncturist to clear blockages and stimulate the flow of life energy. Her approach to healing is holistic. She works to enhance the mental, emotional and physical well-being of her patients, customizing her treatments to suit each person's unique lifestyle.




- Acupuncture & Massage for Conditions that Accompany Stress & PTSD -

All bodily pains are necessary signals telling us that an imbalance has occurred somewhere in the physical-emotional body.  Headaches rarely originate from problems in the head itself alone.  Stress and emotional upset frequently cause pain in the head. An Acupuncturist can diagnose the cause of most headaches coming from elsewhere in the system.  The first line of business is to break up the muscle spasms in the head and neck by:

   1) Altering the electric charge in the nerves (discharging),

   2) Sedating the pain sensors, 

   3) Using massage and gentle heat to stimulate the circulation.

For a TENSION HEADACHE, needles would be placed in the shoulders and neck area in order to release muscle spasms and stimulate an anti-inflammatory response. (Needle-less treatment is also available). A special friction rub removes the old stagnant blood that pools in the muscle tissue causing that familiar achiness and tightness that presses on the affected vertebral nerves. As the fresh blood flows in, this massage technique often produces immediate dramatic relief, creating a drainage effect in the pounding arteries of the head.  Patients often report feeling sharper mentally, more relaxed, and enjoying more satisfying sleep.

If any one of the following exist---ARTHRITIS, damaged/HERNIATED DISCS, or BONE SPURS, this treatment will also restore oxygen to the tissue, remove toxins, and begin to dissolve the mineral buildup.

One of the contributing factors in arthritis is FAULTY METABOLISM.  If we are stressed we do not digest and assimilate our food properly. Something is wrong when the minerals we ingest go and deposit themselves ON our weakest joints instead of INSIDE our bones and muscles.  Accordingly, certain acupuncture points can improve the digestion and assimilation of nutrients in order to rebalance sluggish metabolism (also promoting WEIGHT LOSS). Our aim is to eradicate the systemic chemical basis for arthritis as well as to prevent osteoporosis.



~ Acupuncture for Overeating, Smoking, and All Addictions ~

It is well known that acupuncture is an effective treatment for many health complaints.   It manipulates the vast meridian system, balances the electrical fields, and integrates the functions of the various organs.  One of its most effective applications is for any kind of chemical dependency, whether it be creamy desserts, cigarettes or cocaine!   In my practice, I use herbs, massage, and special tuning points on the body.  In particular, points on the ear are stimulated because the ear is like a computer keyboard for the brain, an external outcropping through which we can program the brain centers for appetite control, balancing metabolism, and eliminating depression and addiction.

One of the major ear points for this purpose is Shen Men or "the Door of the Spirit," a point that can open our spirit or emotional center.   Research has shown that it helps to restore the normal release of endorphins, the chemical receptor sites that are found everywhere in the body which give us a sense of wellbeing.  They are responsive to many stimulants in life, both healthy and unhealthy.  Often we hear of a "runner's high."  But in the case of a smoker or even a "foodaholic," these chemicals are "locked up" and dependent on the "fix" (of nicotine, drugs, alcohol, or sugar) in order to be released.  

Once certain points are stimulated, the patient begins to feel a sense of deep relaxation, and the endorphins can begin to be released normally.  So he loses that nervous build-up that triggers the need for a cigarette.  The chemical addiction is gone.  Furthermore, acupuncture helps the body to detoxify from the adverse effects of accumulated tars and nicotine.  Patients often report "feeling like a new person."  The number of treatments required varies from patient to patient but often only three treatments are necessary.

Some people are able to quit smoking "cold turkey."  But frequently, former smokers will still crave cigarettes years later because their endorphins were never normalized.  So it is important to induce a deep state of relaxation in the patient during the treatment.   In that way, the "reward" or "consolation" of smoking, alcohol, overeating or drug taking is neutralized.  You already feel full, complete. Through breathing exercises, we are enabled to feel the alpha waves in the brain, and the sensation of our liquidy, airy protoplasmic molecules.  The body and mind feel good again and free of dependency! 


 Acupuncture for Migraines, Food Allergy Headaches, Cluster & PMS Headaches

 The symptoms listed above are caused by imbalances in the hormones and toxicity in the major organs, especially the liver, gall bladder and stomach. The liver is affected by anger and depression. Based on traditional diagnosis, the acupuncturist stimulates those points on the limbs that relate to the affected organs, and recommends herbal formulas to support the healing process.

There is a variety of diagnostic techniques, including an intricate analysis of the tongue.  For instance, is it too dry and cracked---reflecting excess heat, or is it too wet and pale---showing deficiency?  Is the tip bright red indicating stress?  Are there teeth marks along the edge---revealing low chi energy? (Since the tongue is partially an internal organ its flaccidity reflects a similar lack of tone in other internal organs as well.)

An acupuncturist can gauge certain qualities of the wrist pulse and always examines the face. FROWN LINES are symptoms of liver problems; DARK CIRCLES or bags under the eyes reflect kidney-bladder weakness. These lines largely disappear when the internal problems clear up, which is why acupuncture works so well for facial rejuvenation.  The final result is that the headaches disappear, the internal organs begin to function better; the patient looks younger and feels increased energy.

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