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Kathleen Rosenblatt

A pioneer in the field of Complementary medicine for five decades, Kathleen Rosenblatt has specialized in removing psychological, emotional, and physical pain by getting at the underlying cause. In her practice in a psychologist�s office at Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers, she applies both verbal and hands-on techniques. She has studied Eastern and Western approaches to pathology, pain, and mental and emotional dysfunction. She applies both ancient and modern formulas, with customized directives for exercise and nutrition.

Science is now revealing that the mind extends from the head to the toes, via the endorphin system, so that the mind and body are literally ONE.  Health can only be found in the totality of one's being. As we live in a stressful environment filled with physical and emotional toxins, we have to keep our heads and bodies together, by strengthening our coping mechanisms, our immune systems & our connection to Spirit. This means going to the cellular level of our emotional & physical chemistry... and beyond.

The CDs are based on physiology and neurochemistry. They allow us to better understand the power that we have over our own thoughts and emotions. Science now validates the conscious mind�s ability to alter neuropeptides.  Researcher Candace Pert who discovered of endorphins, writes: �Emotions and bodily sensations are intricately intertwined in a bi-directional network in which each can alter the other.� Our memories are stored in the emotional part of the brain and throughout the body, since every cell has a �brain� and an emotional center. When we focus our attention and sense the body by sensing the breath, we can affect our mental and emotional state.  We can access suppressed memories and eradicate their negative charge.

Kathleen's study of Chinese medicine, cutting edge neuro-physics, the philosophies of many ancient cultures, and her own personal breakthrough experiences have led her to create an original synthesis of easily accessible techniques for breaking through the walls of our mental barriers. When we finally truly inhabit our body by directly sensing our cellular life for the first time, it is sometimes a shocking experience: to feel oneself as one large brain--- from head to foot. But with a little inner attention to our breath�this substance that fills most of our cellular space, we start to really feel alive. And we are able to tap the intelligence that resides in every cell, as well as the pleasurable endorphin chemicals that seek out the hundred receptor sites in each cell.

In the Self-Healing/Cellular Meditation evenings that she leads, people from 16 to 70+ years of age have experienced the chance to change their state within moments. It is satisfying to see young people �get high� naturally, learning that they have the ability to induce a state of high energy and well-being via some simple steps.

In her acupuncture practice, she specialize in depression and anxiety, along with internal disorders and inflammatory conditions. She applies various pleasure inducing techniques during treatments as appropriate and instructs her patients how to customize the best ones for one�s life. Kathleen has studied Eastern and Western approaches to pathology, pain, and mental & emotional dysfunction. As the author of Rene Daumal: The Live & Work of a Mystique Guide (SUNY Press), she draws material from Daumal�s study of Hindu philosophy and the twentieth century�s best spiritual guides, and also draws from her personal work with author Carlos Castaneda. To this she adds the verified science of Chinese medicine and quantum physics, to help us use the planetary energies available to us.

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