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Helping Veterans with PTSD

~ Kathleen Rosenblatt ~

A pioneer in the field of Complementary medicine for five decades, Kathleen Rosenblatt has specialized in removing psychological, emotional, and physical pain by getting at the underlying cause. In her practice in a psychologist’s office at Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers, she applies both verbal and hands-on techniques. She has studied Eastern and Western approaches to pathology, pain, and mental and emotional dysfunction. She applies both ancient and modern formulas, with customized directives for exercise and nutrition.



GUIDED STRESS RELEASE FOR VETERANS I & II: Audio CDs based on Cellular Meditation for Veterans. Energizing morning and relaxing evening listenings, designed to help Veterans of all eras: all Iraq, Afghanistan, Viet Nam, WWII wars, to complement their on-going therapies and help them recover from post traumatic stress disorder. Consisting of original music with soothing suggestions on how to reintegrate the nerves and stimulate the relaxing chemicals in the body, with easy self-help exercises and practical advice to optimize life after war. (More on Stress release CDs)


CELLULAR MEDITATION FOR STRESS RELEASE I & II: This 2 volume audio CD set offers practical advice, guided imagery & breath work to help normalize biochemical imbalances, reprogram negative patterns, achieve emotional readjustment, and reintegrate the layers of our consciousness, with innovative self-help exercises to improve focus and well-being.



Morning Meditation


Evening Meditation

Listen to Sample Meditations

Each segment contains:

    ---Simple ways to feel immediate endorphin response.

    ---Practical applications for harnessing our capacity for joy.

    ---Ways to focus attention and reprogram negative patterns.

    ---Physical exercises to reroute the negative tensions in the solar plexus.

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