Cellular Meditations for Stress Relief  

Veterans’ Morning Meditation (sample)


Often when I wake up in the morning, my brain is already buzzing with busy thoughts, thinking of the agenda of the coming day. Or dealing with bad memories and images. I realize that my life has been extraordinary. I have been trained to protect my country and my fellow man. I have been programmed to be a highly effective warrior. I have acquired tremendous skills. My machinery is in highly responsive, reactive mode. I am alert and on the ready.


But now that I am not at the front, I need to reprogram myself for civilian life. I need to relax into an 'off duty' mode.   I have experienced tragic situations. These have left an imprint on my mind. On my emotional center. I had to participate in events that were difficult. Violent. All in the line of duty. Now I must let these images go. And be attentive to those around me Now.


It is not easy to forget these events. Psychic scars. But I know that the power of Now, when I am alive in the present moment is thousands of times more powerful than Any event of the past. Or the future. Now is the moment of my only real power. My legacy of my life as a soldier will always be there. But right now is when I am alive. I know this is true but it is difficult to apply. Only with my breath can I make it go deeper than just my mind.


With my breath and my mind together I can achieve real chemical changes in my psyche and my whole body. I can turn on the neurotransmitters like Dopamine and Seratonin that immediately change my state. They replace the worry chemicals of Adrenalin and Cortisol. These are precious substances that I want to store and not waste on anxiety.


I breathe and feel the endorphins going into their receptor sites throughout my body. By myself, I have initiated an internal chemical change that I can feel. I know that I can do it again if this anxiety returns. I know that each time I turn the tide of these anxious feelings, I will build a cumulative effect. I feel connected and whole…


Ancient Western Meditator



I know that this is the opening moments of my day.  I breathe deeply, holding my breath for a few extra seconds, until it just begins to feel uncomfortable. Then I blow out my breath, feeling the exhilaration of my breathing. I breathe again, feeling the air fill up my lungs and my abdomen.


If I feel any anxious feelings in my chest or my abdomen, I breathe even deeper. In fact, I blow the breath out as hard as I can. I even shake my arms and hands to dispel any negative energy that grabs me by the middle.

Often when I wake up in the morning, my brain is already buzzing with busy thoughts, thinking of the agenda of the coming day. Or dealing with bad memories and images. Lots of energy in my forebrain and in my eyes. Now with my eyes closed, I watch the patterns change on the inside of my eyelids—especially as I breathe deeply.

Patterns of brain waves that are swirling and slowing down as my brainwaves slow down from the faster Beta wave of  my  thinking, chatting brain—slowing down to a relaxed, calm Alpha wave. This is the wave that the trees and plants experience so now I can be in sync with nature around me. I breathe and feel the natural high of the Alpha wave.


I see that the busy thoughts that attracted all my energy into my forehead and my eyes, are now slowing down. So that I can let go of all this forebrain activity. I continue my luxurious breathing, feeling more and more relaxed as I surrender to this Wave.

I feel the energy spreading through my body and immediately feel the endorphins releasing and plugging into the receptor sites that are in every cell of my body. These natural opiates are the God-given gift of my body—the happy chemicals that were always meant to govern my emotional life and provide a baseline of wellbeing. What should be my natural state most of the time.

So I give over to this wave of relaxation that is spreading with each breath. I remember that respiration means “Respiriting” so I realize that I am directing Spirit to penetrate every cell of my body.  Inspiration.


My ordinary automatic breath will keep me alive but this higher octane breath will nurture more than my lungs. It will feed me with a higher vibrational energy. Because my mind, my attention is blending with this incoming oxygen, I watch my breath and I feel it spread wider and deeper.


My body feels electrified and alive. My breath has oxygenated my blood stream. I can feel my heart beat. The pulsation of my life. Of my lifeline. I am very silent so that the pulsation of my body can be felt. I feel the joy of being alive.


I can feel a certain “buzz” in my body—my nerves tingling. My lymph moving through my cells.  I understand that when my endorphins are activated my whole immune system functions better. 

Practicing happiness is good for my health. Feeling high is my duty. My job. My reward, my dessert. Giving up my addiction to drama in favor of feeling free of all my stories. Feeling anonymous. Unknown and unfettered with expectations. I breathe.....

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